Chenez’s Popcorn is a small family owned and operated business located just outside of Buffalo and Niagara Falls NY.

The first question we usually get is “How do you pronounce your name” So in case you were also wondering it is phonetically pronounced, Sha-ney. It has been a lot of fun over the years to listen to the different variations people come up with, we get a kick out of it! Our love of popcorn and people has grown so much over the past 6 years into an unbelievable experience for us and our kids. The relationships we have developed over the years because of everyone’s love of popcorn has been incredible!

How we got started?

In July of 2016 our son Joe had an out of town baseball tournament so we packed the kids up and for a weekend trip to watch some baseball, never thinking this would change our lives the way it has!

In between games, we took our daughter Lilly out to do something fun and we found a popcorn place with different flavored popcorn. As we were eating it we thought it would be fun to try to make some of this for movie night at home. We came back home and started to have fun experimenting! Well we struck out a lot and it wasn’t very good! But we kept plugging away and finally we began to make stuff we could actually eat LOL! Our friends and family really liked it and began ordering bags of it. We quickly put together a website and turned our basement into a popcorn factory.

How do we get our popcorn to taste so darn good?

The secret sauce is people just like you! You give us the ideas and we go to work! There is nothing that hits our shelves or goes out our door that is not fresh and tastes exactly like it should! When we launch a new flavor, it is taste tested and scrutinized by the lovers of that particular flavor! We try so hard to make sure every kernel is packed with flavor! Once the product is on our shelf and website you can be 100% sure you will be satisfied. We know you can’t taste or smell our popcorn through this screen but we guarantee freshness and a taste that will blow you away! We know there are other places to go and other products to buy with your hard-earned money, that is why we stand behind everything we say and do. Oh and most important we’re caring people! We love to spread Peace, Love and Joy and this business allows us to do that!

What we want you to experience when you visit our website!

Our shops are so fun and interactive and that is what we want you to experience when you visit our website! You can’t taste test the flavors here like you can at the shops, but we will do our best with the descriptions. Our ships are packed with amazing flavors, colors, laughs and great conversations. We want to express that in this website. We thrive on your feedback, you are what helps us continue to make improvements and make more people happy. We hope you enjoy your visit here on our Chenez’s Popcorn website and if you are in the Buffalo- Niagara area please stop into one of our shops to say hello and see, smell and experience everything popcorn!

Have a blessed day,

Todd, Karla, Joe, Lilly Chenez

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