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Profitable and Tasty Fundraising Opportunity in Easy 3 steps!
1. Sign up is easy!
Email us at and work with Karla to determine what 7 flavors you will be selling. Set up as quickly as 3 business days. Email us now.
2. Start selling!
Promote sale of our delicious gourmet popcorn to friends, family and coworkers and collect funds as you go. You decide on the length of time for your sale.
3. Earn up to 50% of sales!

Eligible sales can earn up to 50% of total raised. The more you sell, the more you make.

New and exciting way to fund-raise.
Earn your organization an average of over $1000.00! Gourmet product from local business. Chenez’s Popcorn is becoming a household name, many people have their favorite flavor. Over 40 flavors to choose from!

Chenez’s Popcorn is located at 21 Main St, Lockport NY
We are a small family owned business with an interest in helping our community. Let’s work together to encourage your team/school/sport to have a successful year!

Get started today! Call us at 716-438-8141 or email at

Chenez’s Gourmet Popcorn Flavors 2023 Fundraising Pricing (please inquire about seasonal flavors) Mix flavors for a total of 7 flavors to sell.

Choose from 1 to 7 Savory /Cheese Flavors $9.00 per bag


Buffalo Wing*

Garlic Parm*

Dill pickle*

Grilled Cheeseburger

Buffalo Cheddar *



Loaded Baked Potato

White Cheddar*

Cheddar Cheese*


Choose from 1 to 5 Candied Flavors $10.00 per bag
Cotton candy*

Root Beer

Fruit Medley*







Key Lime

Choose from 1 to 3 Caramel or Caramel mix Flavors $11.00 per bag

Chicago Style*

Buffalo Style

Just Milk Chocolate



Choose up to 2 Chocolates and/or nut Flavors $13.00 per bag
Caramel Cashew*
Pete’s PB&J
Caramel with Roasted Nuts
Chocolate Crunch*
Mama Clauds Cocomallow
Peppermint (seasonal)

Choose up to 2 Specialty Chocolates $14.00 per bag

Chocolate Covered Cherry*
Caramel Drizzle *
Birthday Cake *
Caramel Coconut
Peanut Butter Cup*
Mint Chocolate Chip*
Apple Crisp (seasonal)

Fundraising Potential Profit

Number of bags sold is total number of all flavors sold, all participants added together.

1-99 your organization makes 20% of total sales.
100-199 your organization makes 30% of total sales.
200-299 bags sold, your organization makes 40% of total sales.
over 300 bags sold, your organization makes 50% of total sales!

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